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Vector Vision System -- Image guided total knee and total hip replacement surgery

The Vector Vision System is a "global positioning system for the body" developed by BrainLAB. It allows surgeons to use preoperative diagnostic images from a CT-scan to plan and conduct the surgery with computer image-guided assistance. Dr. Swank uses the FDA approved Vector Vision System in total joint replacement surgeries of the hip and knee.

In December of 2001, Dr. Swank became the first surgeon in the United States to use image guided technology to perform total knee replacement. By the fall of 2002 he has performed 50 of the these procedures, currently the largest series in the world.

The benefit to patients undergoing total knee replacement surgery is that with the Vector Vision System, Dr. Swank is able to get better alignment of the new knee.

With better alignment of the new joint, there is less wear and tear on the implant. This means that the implant lasts longer and patients have a better quality of life.

Research is currently underway to follow the short term and long term results for patients who have total knee replacement with this procedure. Dr. Swank recently presented his initial results with computer assisted total knee replacements at the annual meeting of the International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery.

Also ongoing is a study of the Vector Vision System with total hip replacement.

Surgeons from across the United States have been coming to Jewish Hospital, Kenwood to observe the new surgical method with Dr. Swank. He has also lectured on this topic in several key research areas including Dallas, Texas, and most recently at the annual Harvard Hip and Knee Course.

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The Vector Vision System is a "global positioning system for the body"
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